Tumbling & Trampoline

Tumbling and trampoline is a sport that combines the fun and exhilaration of weightlessness and the unmatched thrill of tumbling. TNT is a program in which children of all backgrounds, gymnastics or not, can enjoy progressing to their maximum potential while keeping it fun. TNT offers classes starting at a beginner level and leading all the way up to advanced. Sports like gymnastics and TNT present the opportunity to increase spatial awareness and coordination in all athletes.

Trampoline-The trampoline is used as a basic training device for all sports which contain acrobatic elements. The “Hot Bed” trampoline is a woven trampoline bed that can propel athletes to great heights. The “tumble track” is a long bed trampoline that students can learn skills that mimic tumbling on the floor while offering more safety at beginning levels.

Double Mini-Developed from the common Mini Tramp, the Double Mini allows more acrobatic performance. After a run, the competitors show one skill on the apparatus followed by a skill on to a landing mat.

Floor-The Floor is used to learn and demonstrate single to multiple rotating and straight movements eventually leading up to back handsprings and saltos (flips).

Class Options:

  • TNT 1 (4-5 yrs only)
  • TNT 1 (Beginners ages 5 and up)
  • TNT 2 (Advanced Beginners ages 5 and up)
  • TNT 3 (Intermediate ages 5 and up)
  • TNT TEAM (Instructor Referral Only)

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