Grade School Girls

Cartwheels, Dynamos, and Sprials (ages 5 and up, from beginners to advanced levels) make up the Grade School Girls Program. Win Kids keeps this program special by creating an atmosphere that is high energy, low-presssure, fun, challenging, and motivational to all girls! We stand apart with this group by providing more than just a good gymnastics class. Coaches use humor, charisma, try-your-best, positive feel-good, motivational stuff that girls love! We use a hands-on style that helps girls feel immediately successful and important. You can`t “not cut it” at Win Kids. We`ll make you smile!


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  • Level 1 – Cartwheels (Beginner Girls Ages 5 and up)
  • Level 2 – Dynamos (Beginner/Intermediate Girls Ages 5 and up)
  • Level 3 – Spirals (Intermediate Girls Ages 5 and up)
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